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October 4, 2023 at 7:oo p.m

WDR – Funkhaus


WDR - Funkhaus concert. “Music from Ukrainian Archives”

A musical journey into unknown worlds:

rediscovered symphonic works by the Mainz composer Sebastian George, who became a style-defining great in Moscow and St. Petersburg at the end of the 18th century.
The second composer of the program is Arnošt Vančura (Ernst Wanzhura) a Czech composer and musician who lived and worked in the Austrian and Russian Empires. His “Ukrainian” symphony is one of “Trois Sinfonies nationales a grand orchester arrangées de plusieurs chansons russes, ukrainiennes et polonoises”. These symphonies are one of the earliest examples of folk music arrangements in the symphonic genre, and the Symphony in C entitled “Ukrainian” is the first symphony to use Ukrainian songs.

“Sinfonies Nationales” by Arnošt Vančura (ca.1750 – 1802)
“Ukrainian” Symphony in C major (earlier version. Reconstruction P. Serbin)

Sebastian George (ca.1740 – 1796)

Sinfonia concetante in D major for 2 violins principali, 2 flutes, violoncello, alto obligato and orchestra
Sinfonia in F major: 2 fl, 2 cor, str
Chamber music: String Quartet in D minor and Quartet for flute, violin, cello and bass in B flat major.

Ensemble “Altera pars”
Artistic Director: Pavel Serbin



Sunday, august 27 at at 1:00 p.m. and at 4:00 p.m

Klang im Kloster 2023

Music Festival in the Institute for City History in the Carmelite Monastery

Münzgasse 9
Frankfurt am Main


The program of the Altera Pars ensemble deals with the classicism epoch, with its new forms and diversity of instrumentations, in contrast to the baroque. One of the most popular and widespread genres was the trio for flute, violin and cello, based on the baroque trio sonata and the new string quartet genre. The combination of the timbre of the flute and two string instruments opened up new and diverse possibilities of expression for the composer.

Music by Joseph Haydn, Anton Ferdinand Titz, Jochann Joseph Kerzelli and Anton Reicha.

Polina Gorshkova – traverso
Martyna Pastuszka – violin
Pavel Serbin – cello


Sunday, April 23 at 7:30 p.m

Honrather Konzerten

Ev. Kirche Honrath,            Peter-Lemmer-Weg, Lohmar

SAXONY IN LONDON - English quartet music of the 18th century

The program deals with the sound world of classical music in England. When two famous Saxons met in London in 1764: the gamba virtuoso Carl Friedrich Abel (1723 – 1787), who was born in Köthen, and the Leipziger Johann Christian Bach (1735 – 1782), youngest son of the brilliant Johann Sebastian Bach, they founded a very successful concert company and gathers the best musicians and composers around them.

Their works will be heard in this concert in Honrath. You will hear music by Carl Friedrich Abel, Tomaso Giardano, Joseph Haydn, Johann Christian Bach and Giovanni Battista Cirri.

Binding pre-orders for the concert by telephone on 02206 7201 (Erika Dirschke) or via the website

Polina Gorshkova – Traverso
Bruno van Esseveld – violin
Pavel Serbin – cello/ viola da gamba
Fabian Boreck – cello


Sunday 29 January 19:30


Kulturzentrum, Hauptplatz 8

Hunting and Existence

Solo and chamber works by Baroque composers.

Solo fantasias for flute and viola da gamba by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767) and quartets for flute, violin, cello and horn by Johann Joseph Fux (1660 – 1741) and Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel (1690 – 1749)

Polina Gorshkova – transverse flute
Jakyoung Kim – baroque violin
Hermann Ebner – baroque horn
Pavel Serbin – viola da gamba / cello



Sunday 27 November 5pm

“Musical evening praise” in the Basilica of St. Ursula

Ursulapl. 24, 50668 Köln

Alone and in pairs in the footsteps of Georg Philipp Telemann

Solo Fantasias for Flute and Viola da Gamba

As one of the few baroque composers, Telemann devoted himself to the solo instrument and created real gems in this genre with his fantasies. He writes masterfully idiomatically for two very different instruments. For the flute, he exploits all the facets of expression available to the instrument, to the point that – as if enchanted – it appears polyphonic.

The viola da gamba is also not neglected in its possibilities, which suggests that he himself mastered the instrument well.

The fantasies are a feast for the mind: the smallest cast meets the greatest variety of ideas, which are perfectly composed. This is also an intellectual challenge for the performers.

Forms such as the church sonata, the stretta, the French overture, elements of the Italian concert form and all kinds of dances, toccatas, fugues and fuguet can be found in the fantasies. But these are by no means to be understood as eclecticism, rather they represent a unity in diversity and can therefore be considered the musical quintessence of an entire epoch.

Five fantasias for the viola da viol and five for the flute are played in the program.

Polina Gorshkova – transverse flute
Pavel Serbin – viola da gamba


Broadcasting hall Bremen

8 p.m

Bürgermeister-Spitta-Allee 45 | 28329 Bremen


Bus: Lines 21 and 24, Heinrich-Hertz-Str./Am Sendersaal stop,

Tram: Line 1 Stop: Police Headquarters or

Line 4 stop: Mayor-Spitta-Allee

BEETHOVEN: symphonic works in a small set

At that time, the practice of adapting large symphonic works for smaller ensembles served on the one hand to make this music accessible to a larger public. On the other hand, the change from orchestral music to chamber music brought about new tones and possibilities of expression. The Ensemble Altera Pars found arrangements from Beethoven’s time in the British Library and presents them here.

Sponsored by:
Deutscher Musikrat
Waldemar Koch Stiftung


zamus: early music marathon

18:45 – 19:30


Ehrenfeldgürtel 96, 50823 Köln

zamus: early music marathon // Les Barbares Galantes


Sebastian George (ca.1740-1796)
Quintetto F-dur 2 fluts, 2 violinen und violoncello SG. VIII: 5 (1770)

Jean Joseph Kerzelli (ca 1755 – 1820)
Trio № 1 a-moll from“Six Trios Deux Violons ou Flute, Violon et Basse” Op.1

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Symphonie Hob I:63 «Roxelane» Anonyme arrangement for two fluts

Jean Joseph Kerzelli
Trio № 5 c-moll from “Six Trios Deux Violons ou Flute, Violon et Basse” Op.1 (1779) )

Sebastian George (ca. 1740 – 1796)
Concertino G-dur for 2 fluts, 2 violinen and violoncello SG.VIII:1 und SG. VIII: 1. (1770)  


TanzFaktur Köln um 19 Uhr
Siegburger Straße 233w
50679 Köln-Deutz


The lifelong travel - chamber music by Sebastian George

The next concerts You can find here a review on the upcoming concerts and projects. 23.01.2022 “The lifelong travel” – chamber music by Sebastian George (ca. 1740 , Mainz – 1796, Moskau). The program represents continuing of Altera Pars subject “Masterpiece of german composers in Russia 1770-1800” You can listen to some chamber works by Sebastian George and Luigi Boccherini and in  different combinations of instruments.