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zamus: early music marathon

18:45 – 19:30


Ehrenfeldgürtel 96, 50823 Köln

zamus: early music marathon // Les Barbares Galantes


Sebastian George (ca.1740-1796)
Quintetto F-dur 2 fluts, 2 violinen und violoncello SG. VIII: 5 (1770)

Jean Joseph Kerzelli (ca 1755 – 1820)
Trio № 1 a-moll from“Six Trios Deux Violons ou Flute, Violon et Basse” Op.1

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Symphonie Hob I:63 «Roxelane» Anonyme arrangement for two fluts

Jean Joseph Kerzelli
Trio № 5 c-moll from “Six Trios Deux Violons ou Flute, Violon et Basse” Op.1 (1779) )

Sebastian George (ca. 1740 – 1796)
Concertino G-dur for 2 fluts, 2 violinen and violoncello SG.VIII:1 und SG. VIII: 1. (1770)  


TanzFaktur Köln um 19 Uhr
Siegburger Straße 233w
50679 Köln-Deutz


The lifelong travel - chamber music by Sebastian George

The next concerts You can find here a review on the upcoming concerts and projects. 23.01.2022 “The lifelong travel” – chamber music by Sebastian George (ca. 1740 , Mainz – 1796, Moskau). The program represents continuing of Altera Pars subject “Masterpiece of german composers in Russia 1770-1800” You can listen to some chamber works by Sebastian George and Luigi Boccherini and in  different combinations of instruments.